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Attache and Magento Integration

Magento eCommerce for your Attache system

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Integrate your Magento online store with Attache

Sell to wholesale and retail customers using an e-commerce solution that integrates with your Attaché Software. Eliminate repetitive data entry and automate information exchange between magento ecommerce and Attache Software.

Attache and Magento Integration

The Attache-Magento connector is using a true entity level mapping between the two systems. This means that it takes full advantage of the strengths of both systems (as opposed to remote controlling one system from the other) while diminishing the disadvantages of both. Attache manages all inventory, fulfillment and financial aspects, and Magento is leveraged to fully maximize its e-commerce capabilities and third party integrations. Together, the two work together to provide excellent outputs in an easy to undersand and organized system.

Connect Attache and Magento in Perfect Synchronization

  • Product sync from Attache to Magento
  • Real time pricing
  • Customer / Contacts Sync from Attache to Magento
  • Order pushed from website to Attache
  • Customers can be fully managed in the Attache with full visibility for the customer through Magento

We have experienced Magento designers and developers who can customise Magento Community, Enterprise editions to your needs..
Our Attache Magento connector features:

  • Import Customers from Magento to Attache
  • Export Customers from Attache to Magento
  • Import Sales Orders from Magento to Attache
  • Export Fulfillments from Attache to Magento
  • Export Billing Data from Attache to Magento
  • Export Item Data from Attache to Magento
  • Export Inventory Levels from Attache to Magento
  • Sync Credit Memos between Attache and Magento
  • Export Sales Orders from Attache to Magento

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