Social Media or Email Marketing – what works better for online marketing?

Social Media or Email Marketing – what works better for online marketing? Should they be used together or are they purely mutually exclusive? The question to these answers is not as simple as it may seem. More and more email marketers are joining the social media bandwagon to cope with Web 2.0 revolution. I believe

11 Things to Consider BEFORE You Set Up Your Company’s Facebook Fan Page

Entrepreneurs and growing companies are increasingly being seduced by the allure of social media marketing. Many people would ask: “Should our company have a Facebook page?” Everyone else is doing it, right? Or are they? The answer, like so many “should I have” questions in marketing, is “It depends.” For companies in the public eye,

Our 5 Internet Marketing Predictions for 2011

Businesses will continuing moving away from traditional marketing and toward Internet marketing. Many more traditional brick and mortar companies will begin tapping into web marketing. I have dusted off my crystal ball and am looking ahead to 2011 and how the web will change these small businesses. More local websites: 53% of Small Businesses will

Has Social Media Changed Everything?

The world has moved online. The rise of blogs, videos on YouTube, mingling on Facebook and tweeting has changed how we socialize. Marketing is now about relationships. Wikipedia and Google have made information and knowledge something that can be acquired on demand. Communication is not for the elite. Barriers have been removed. Bloggers and tweeters

How to Pick the Right Keywords for your Website SEO

Picking the right keywords is the critical first step before you spend your hard earned money on SEO. Choosing keywords is part art and part science. You need to understand the psychology of how and why people search. People search the web to find information, answers and a solution to a problem. Brainstorm: Start by

How to Increase Website Conversion Rates and Sales Online

The process of increasing website conversion rates includes 5 main steps every website should adopt. Successful online retailers use a combination of website usability, website credibility, online merchandising, shopping cart and checkout process tactics to increase online conversion rates.  As a successful retailer you should be looking to adopt the most applicable tactics while testing

How to Plan Your Social Media Marketing strategy on Twitter

Before starting any advertising campaign, you definitely need a plan. Any marketing campaign is doomed to failure without a plan. Social media marketing, whether on Twitter, Facebook or any other social media website, is doomed to failure if started without careful planning. The following 8 steps will ensure a smooth productive campaign on Twitter and

Increase Your Website’s Effectiveness with Confident Copy

Want to increase your website’s effectiveness? To have a higher conversion rate: more of your website’s visitors become subscribers, customers, members? You can increase the likelihood of that happening by having your message be more clear and confident. In other words: increase your website’s effectiveness with confident copy. It might seem like forehead-slapping common sense,

Advantages of Having a Website

This is a big question with a multitude of answers; here are the main key point advantages of having a website: Development & distribution costs are extremely low. When you compare the cost of establishing a website to what it costs to promote your business in print or on the air, you’ll see that a

How to make my website effective?

Everyone always asks how they can make their website more effective. Here are some key points that you should focus on in order to be more successful on the Internet and with your website. 1) Find a Role for Your Website The single most important tip is to decide on what role of your website

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