How to grab your visitors attention to your website? Some Focal points.

With millions of websites floating around the wide world web, how do you stand out of the crowd? With the help of the right tools to direct traffic to your website, you must intrigue the user to delve further into your sight. To grasp and hold on to your consumers attention you first must grab

Some interesting SEO Statistics

It has become essential in this day and age that to grow your business, you need to utilize all resources within the digital world to help target a larger audience and construct a stronger visible existence online. SEO hasn’t always been raved about and it has slowly become the black sheep of the internet marketing

How SEO can help you enhance your brand power?

Search Engine Optimization isn’t only about improving a business, it’s a tool to build brand value and customer relations. By re-working the marketing budget for organizations and including SEO as part of their overall strategy it will not only be dollars well spent but the results will be more than impressive. To enhance a brands

Why your custom site cannot be less than $5000?

We receive hundreds of calls each month from businesses of all sizes, and although most of them have no idea what it costs to build a website, they somehow come to the conclusion that is should be in the $2,000 to $3000 range … maybe $5,000 to $10,000 if they are a “medium sized company.”

20 Web Design Mistakes You should Avoid.

Usually when websites are built, owners do not think about how their customers are going to use  the site and end up being trapped on commonly known mistakes made by their web designers. I thought, I would educate in this post about what are those common mistakes and how to avoid them. What I have

Dream Consultancy is on the Move. We are moving to a new location.

  We’re delighted to announce the exciting news of Dream Consultancy’s imminent move to bigger office. After three brilliant years at Adelaide St, Richmond, we’ve run out of corners to cram desks into and have found the perfect space just up the road. Our new home in South Melbourne is even more central and closer

Dream Consultancy Services Pty Ltd has been selected as one of the Australia’s fastest growing companies in the 2012 SmartCompany Smart50 Awards.

In exciting news, it has just been announced that Dream Consultancy has placed 32nd in the 2012 Smart50 and one of the Australia’s fastest growing companies in the 2012 SmartCompany Smart50 Awards. The 2012 SmartCompany Smart50 Awards, sponsored by WHK, celebrated Australia’s most innovative companies. This year, the awards featured over 200 entrants and shined

Digital Agency. What is it?

Before the innovation of the digital agency, online services were divided into tight areas of specialisation. That meant that a business might have to deal with one partner to design and build their website, another one to handle their internet marketing, a third party for email marketing and further outsourcing was possible for statistical analysis

Simplicity Sells. Is your website simple enough for your customers?

Although not specifically about web design, this is an enlightening and entertaining TED Talk by New York Times columnist David Pogue. Pogue, who has authored many technology books, takes aim at technology’s worst interface-design offenders, and provides encouraging examples of products that get it right. To keep things interesting, he even occasionally breaks into song.

What is HTML5?

Have you ever heard about HTML5? Do you know what is HTML 5? You don’t know? HTML5 is the latest and greatest Web Standard. New and exciting things are happening. Quick! Jump on the bandwagon. You know you want to. Still not sure what HTML5 is all about? You can go the easy route and

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