Promoting & Marketing Your Web Site

“No one in their right mind would think that simply getting a phone number or opening a post office box is going to generate business,” says internet marketing pioneer Ken McCarthy. “Similarly, simply setting up an online presence is not going to generate business for anybody. You need to integrate your online presence with some

Web Application Development Process

Step 1. Functional specifications To be completed by the Functional and Data owners and Developer. Includes application functionality desired, and target audience, including expected number of concurrent users. Also, includes expected period of heavy and light activity during the year. At this point the project team including representatives from technical services and DBAs should be

Why You Should Have Your Web Site Built by a Professional Web Site Design Company

We hear it all the time that my brother, my cousin and my sister knows how to build web sites and they do it for cheap! Why would I have a professional build my web site?” The sad truth is that eventually the majority of these companies wish they would have started with a professional web design

Introduction to Search engine optimisation techniques: –

Search Engine Optimization. If you’re a web master, you’ve probably heard this phrase mentioned often. If you’re someone who has been doing web master work for years, you might not be very familiar with what search engine optimization (SEO) is. That’s OK, as it’s not something that many people have learned about. While it’s not

Installing FileZilla FTP Client

For those users who would like a step by step guide to installing an FTP client, here it is. FileZilla is the client I prefer, but any FTP client will work with our services. First, open your browser, go to, and click on Download FileZilla Client. Pick the right setup file for your operating

Setting up Your POP3/IMAP email account

In order to be able to use mail from your domain, you need to properly configure a few things. This tutorial and a few easy steps are all that is between you and your emails. We will cover setting up Microsoft Outlook 2003, Microsoft Outlook 2007, and Mozilla Thunderbird. Before you start, please make sure

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