Website Design for iPhone

Basics Behind Building Web Pages for the iPhone You may have seen the video that shows how the iPhone can rotate and enlarge Web pages. It can display any Web page at a glance or zoom in the text you are interested in reading. In a sense, because the iPhone uses Safari, Web designers should

4 great simplistic Web design and Web

The main challenge in web design and development is simplyfying the web layout in terms of usage. Ideally at dreamconsultancy we believe in creating websites that are simplistic in nature and have a greater usability standards. The primary focus though is on usability and first impressions. Although sometimes it may have less glamorous effect but malware..Intrusion cycle and processes.

Being a web design company the worst nightmare is when your FTP credentials are stolen and the few hundred sites you are hosting get infected by malware of some sort. Quite recently one of the site we were hosting got infected by a malware and everyone who opened that site was further infected by unknowingly

Dream Conulstancy – Custom reporting product information

At dream consultancy we want to concentrate in helping your business grow better by helping you know the way the visitors react on your site.It is very important that the origin , source,avg time and many other aspects of your web visitors be traced in order to better understand and optimize your traffic and customers.

Track Your Website Visitors…

  Tracking your website visitors is done to determine the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Today on the Internet visitor tracking is becoming more important than ever because of the multiple forms of marketing a business on the internet.The real question is: Are you tracking your website visitors to improve your Internet business? I really

The cesspool We call the Internet.

Google CEO Eric Schmidt called the Internet a “Cesspool” Wednesday in reference to the quality of content and the amount of false information residing on it. This according to AdAge is a subject he spoke about with an audience of magazine executives at Google’s campus, where an annual industry conference was taking place. Schmidt stressed

Web Site Design: What do you want to communicate?

Okay, you’re at the point where you know basically what your web site is about. You also understand your audience. Now it’s time to figure out what you are trying to tell your audience. What message or messages are you attempting to deliver? What I usually do at this stage of the game is get

Yahoo Adds New Site Stats As Part of Site Explorer Redesign

The Yahoo Search Blog announced that they are testing out a new design for Site Explorer plus offering a variety of new stats about web sites. The new design is available for all to see at a special, beta URL located at As part of the new design, Yahoo added a site summary page

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