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How to do Google Remarketing?

  Increase your sales through Google Remarketing. As the Google Adwords cost is increasing day by day, advertisers and marketers are looking different ways to optimise the conversion rates. It is still quite a challenge for businesses to grow and invest wisely in marketing. As a marketer or advertiser, you should always keep testing new

Small business web design

For all small businesses, website is a vital piece of your marketing and lead generation tool. Very often small businesses do not have a luxury of spending money on branding as well. When website visitors visit your website, you must make sure that you are providing enough information to them to make an informed decision

Why Mobile website Optimisation should be part of your digital marketing strategy?

Statistics show that mobile use will outdo desktop traffic by 2014. With this statistic, company owners, regardless of their forte should be this new breed of audience and start reaching out to them. There is a growing dominance of mobile searchers. With new technology and software constantly updated and upgraded, we have become largely dependent

Why Content plays an important role in websites?

Your business may be the up-most in customer service and may have top of the range products, but if you don’t have equally as great content on your website to pair, no one will appreciate your products? Having the right content displayed through-out your website is a key element to help your business grow and

Art of creating a memorable branding for a company.

We affiliate a brand with a distinct image that is made up from wording, colours and shapes. This design is a reflection of the brand and the company whilst telling a story through these elements. The most famous of these images are the golden arches of McDonalds, to the signature red and white cursive writing

is social media marketing right fit for your business?

Today everything is on social media, from your work place to your local Chinese takeaway to your old year 2 primary school teacher, everyone to everything is interconnected. It started with MySpace then we all jumped boat to Facebook. Then in 2006 we started to “tweet” and we haven’t stopped. Now we are alternating between

Some interesting SEO Statistics

It has become essential in this day and age that to grow your business, you need to utilize all resources within the digital world to help target a larger audience and construct a stronger visible existence online. SEO hasn’t always been raved about and it has slowly become the black sheep of the internet marketing

How SEO can help you enhance your brand power?

Search Engine Optimization isn’t only about improving a business, it’s a tool to build brand value and customer relations. By re-working the marketing budget for organizations and including SEO as part of their overall strategy it will not only be dollars well spent but the results will be more than impressive. To enhance a brands

Why your custom site cannot be less than $5000?

We receive hundreds of calls each month from businesses of all sizes, and although most of them have no idea what it costs to build a website, they somehow come to the conclusion that is should be in the $2,000 to $3000 range … maybe $5,000 to $10,000 if they are a “medium sized company.”

20 Web Design Mistakes You should Avoid.

Usually when websites are built, owners do not think about how their customers are going to use  the site and end up being trapped on commonly known mistakes made by their web designers. I thought, I would educate in this post about what are those common mistakes and how to avoid them. What I have