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Why Content plays an important role in websites?

Your business may be the up-most in customer service and may have top of the range products, but if you don’t have equally as great content on your website to pair, no one will appreciate your products? Having the right content displayed through-out your website is a key element to help your business grow and

Dream Consultancy is on the Move. We are moving to a new location.

  We’re delighted to announce the exciting news of Dream Consultancy’s imminent move to bigger office. After three brilliant years at Adelaide St, Richmond, we’ve run out of corners to cram desks into and have found the perfect space just up the road. Our new home in South Melbourne is even more central and closer

How to make my website effective?

Everyone always asks how they can make their website more effective. Here are some key points that you should focus on in order to be more successful on the Internet and with your website. 1) Find a Role for Your Website The single most important tip is to decide on what role of your website

Things You Can Include in Your Website

The possibilities of items that you can include in your website are endless. Here are some examples: Testimonials from satisfied customers. If you have letters or emails with praise, be sure to get your customer’ permission before placing them on your website. A Privacy Policy if you are collecting information or addresses for an opt-in

Things to Think About When Planning Your Website

Here are some things to think about when planning your website: Planning: What advantages would you like to gain from your website? What disadvantages do you think you may encounter? How do you plan to overcome those disadvantages? Target Market: Who is your primary target market? Who are the main customers you wish to reach?