Why Attache and Magento Integration is a Good Choice for Your E-Commerce Site

Magento is an open source content management system for e-commerce websites. By using Magento and Attache integration (combining Magento with your existing Attache accounting software), you can have a seamless link of information from your online sales – customer data, product categories, account information, and so on – back into your accounting.

Magento has plenty of other benefits to offer, as well. Let’s take a look at some of them:

A Ream of Inbuilt Features

Magento contains many inbuilt features that are brilliant for e-commerce. These include features such as email list management, multi-store features (more on that later), product comparisons, and so much more. The functionality Magento offers online shoppers, plus the richness of the data it can provide through Attache integration, is full of possibility for your business.

Easier Site Management

As mentioned earlier, Magento has the feature of handling multiple stores, which is great news for larger businesses. Even if you have more than one website, this is no problem as this platform allows you to manage them from one admin panel, with all sales and customers managed from one database. This saves you a lot of time and manual data entry – and Attache-Magento integration saves you even more time, as all the information transfers automatically into your accounting system as well.

Analytics and Reporting

Magento is already packed with important third-party services from Google such as Analytics, Base and Checkout. This saves you having to set these services up independently, and means you can start gathering and analysing useful sales information right away, such as the search terms customers are using within your store, most viewed products, and so on.

It’s an Open Source Platform

As an Open Source Platform, Magento can be downloaded for free, which has obvious cost advantages. It also means that developers with knowledge of this platform can adapt it to your business’ specifications by modifying the source code – something that can’t be done with out-of-the-box solutions – and adding plug-ins and features as you need them. Basically, it’s customisable to your needs and offers infinite possibilities for expansion with your business! Add to this the capability of Attache-Magento integration, and the sky’s the limit.

If you’re interested in Attache and Magento integration, talk to us at Dream Consultancy about our connector feature.

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