Netsuite and Magento Integration

Magento and Netsuite are systems that are both so excellent at what they do (front end e-commerce platform and line of business system, respectively), that many businesses use both of them. Since they’re designed to take care of different parts of your business, they have separate functions and don’t have an intrinsic way of communicating with each other. If you can hook the two systems up together with a Netsuite Magento integration, however, the benefits are absolutely fantastic. These include:

Share Catalogue Information

Catalogue and item information entered into Netsuite is instantly transferred to your Magento content management system, keeping your customers up to date with the latest products. This also means that transferring items into your online store is seamless, and can be instantaneous with the cataloguing of stock. There doesn’t have to be a huge lag between delivery and display – you can get your stock out onto the ‘shelves’ right away.

Real-Time Inventory

You’ll have the confidence of knowing that the inventory levels of both systems will always be accurate and in-synch. This means adhering to a just-in-time ordering and production strategy will be easily achievable and wastage greatly reduced. Also, you can avoid the problem of out-of-stock items being listed on your website.

Orders Automatically Recorded

When an order is placed on your Magento store, it is automatically entered into Netsuite as well with no need to re-key data, saving time and money for your business.

Customer Communication on Shipping

Netsuite Magento integration takes care of informing customers about the shipping status of their order. Tracking information is sent to Magento once the order is completed, order status changes to shipped and triggers a notification email.

Integrating Netsuite and Magento enhances the usefulness of both systems for your business by eliminating the need to duplicate information. This also gets rid of the possibility of mistakes and speeds up your processes in general. If you get your integration carried out by professional developers with experience you can trust, a Netsuite-Magento integration is a straight win-win.

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