MYOB Magento Integration With Dream Consultancy

MYOB EXO Business is a complete, fully integrated financial and business management system consisting of modules supporting Finance, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Job Costing, Accountant’s Assistant, Point of Sale, Fixed Assets, Serviceable Units, API, EXO OnTheGo Application, and Intercompany – everything your business could need.

Magento is an open-source content management system for e-commerce websites that offers a level of customisation unparalleled by any other platform. It’s open-source, so the source code can be changed to suit your business’ specific needs. Basically, the sky’s the limit with Magento, as long as you have the expertise to code it (or someone who can code it for you). There are also an infinite, and constantly updating, range of plug-ins and extensions available for almost any application you can think of.

Once of the best examples is a MYOB Magento integration. Surely, with their powers combined, these two systems would be unstoppable!

The good news? Dream Consultancy can integrate MYOB and Magento for you, combining the customer-to-business capabilities of the CMS with MYOB’s management of business information.

So what would be the benefits of this for your online store?

As one example, updating your product lists in your MYOB RetailManager software can take a long time – sometimes a long, long time. Once you’ve completed this, it’s not only annoying having to do it all over again for your online store, it doubles the time you have to spend on this task. With a MYOB and Magento integration, product pricing and availability only has to be entered once – and then it’s exported directly from MYOB into your online store, immediately available to your customers. It works the other way, too – any orders placed by customers on Magento are automatically imported into MYOB to create sales orders.

The benefits of this to your business are huge – not only does it save you (a lot) of time on manual data entry, it ups the speed and responsiveness of your online store. It also increases the accuracy of your stock listings and reduces mistakes, preventing potential customer service disasters.

For an expert MYOB Magento integration that will make your online shop run smoothly, get in touch with Dream Consultancy – we can make it happen!

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