MYOB Magento Integration to boost your Ecommerce business

In today’s busy ecommerce environment, everyone is fighting for optimum exposure and the best retail platforms. While there are new ecommerce websites introduced to the web sphere every day, only few thrive and achieve a high level of success. MYOB is excellent in managing your online business, but a Magento to MYOB Integration will propel this further.

As a long-standing and leading provider of business management solutions in Australia, MYOB can help you manage every stage of your ecommerce process simply and effectively. Covering everything from sales and stock control to customer relations, MYOB is a great choice for ensuring that your retail establishment runs smoothly and efficiently.

The MYOB system alone, however, is not going to be enough to drive your business to greater heights. If you’re going to maximise your potential in the online environment, you will need to bring the same functionality that you currently enjoy to a whole new level, and that is where the MYOB Magento Integration comes into place.

A MYOB Magento partnership will bridge the gap between your online and offline channels. This means you don’t have to lose your software investment, and can look forward to a host of benefits:

Real-time functionality

This ensures information can be seamlessly and instantly shared between all parts of the business. Customer shipping information will be securely sent to the distribution centre and inventory automatically updated to ensure accurate stock levels.

Autonomous System

This is a major timesaver as manual input will be kept to a minimum—employees won’t have to manually update the website nor will they have to manually sum up the books, saving you costs in return.

Central Control Point

Be in complete control no matter how many stores you’re operating, as everything can be controlled and accessed from one central point.

A MYOB to Magento platform allows you to have an Magento Ecommerce solution that performs on every level. Offering fully-customisable templates, user-friendly design and SEO-rich content, you can maximise your sales potential at every step of the way.

Call us at Dream Consultancy today to realise your full potential with MYOB Magento Integration.

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