How to choose a Magento Ecommerce Developer

With over 240,000 businesses using the Magento ecommerce CMS platform including big names like Nokia, Skype, Adidas and Swarovski, it’s safe to say that businesses are clamouring for this user-friendly, do-all system that is elevating companies to new heights.

To ensure that your business is ahead of the pack and in the best position for success, you need to approach the right Magento web developers to incorporate this platform to your ecommerce business. But how do you choose a Magento ecommerce developer when there are many to be found in Melbourne and all around Australia?

Our tips below will help you to determine who to contact when it comes to creating an exciting and engaging ecommerce website.

1) Review Your Developer’s Magento Portfolio

Once you’ve narrowed down to the list of Magento developers you’re willing to work with, be sure to check out their portfolio. A great Magento agency will be proud of the work they’ve done and make it easy for you to find.

2) Ensure a face-to-face meeting

Meeting your Magento designers and developers is a crucial step in deciding if they are the right people for the job. Find out about their background and what they recommend for your project. You’ll get a better idea of how comfortable they are with the platform, how long they’ve been working with it, and what they know about Magento’s strengths and weaknesses.

You will also be spending a lot of time with them during the development process; therefore you want to make a solid connection, resulting in a better product in the end.

3) Make Sure to Explain Your Product and Current Business Practices

Ensure that your Magento developer knows what you need, and more importantly, they’ve confirmed they can do what you want.

Are there unique functions that you need for your website? Perhaps you need to integrate with an ERP system or utilise Search Engine Optimisation services? Your developers will be able to recommend services that will boost your business. Therefore it is best to explain how your business works on a day-to-day basis to gauge the response and recommendations from your web develops. It is also key in determining if they are the right people for your job.

4) Evaluate the Developer’s Website

The Magento developer’s website is the most telling aspect of the kind of product you will receive. You want a company that has a modern perspective and keeps up with current trends. If the developer’s site looks out of date, it is best advised to move on to the next option.

At Dream Consultancy, we strive to provide the most attractive and engaging Magento websites to see your business soar. Have a look at our portfolio or give us a call today to arrange an appointment!

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