4 great simplistic Web design and Web

The main challenge in web design and development is simplyfying the web layout in terms of usage. Ideally at dreamconsultancy we believe in creating websites that are simplistic in nature and have a greater usability standards.

The primary focus though is on usability and first impressions. Although sometimes it may have less glamorous effect but it should be noted that “the simple the better”

Here are 10 great simple website designs.


The superfest

Super simple design , Clear navigation and our top favourite. Also has a simple navigation based on vanquished by and Defeated by.


The Talk Show

A singular unparalleled Variety Extravaganza. Simple flow and design and continuous engagement.



Zaum creates sustainable products. Advanced sliding effect , clear navigation and very simple navigation.



Amazingly tasty design..Fantastic colours and very simple navigation.Very usable and colour tasty.

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