Dream Conulstancy – Custom reporting product information

At dream consultancy we want to concentrate in helping your business grow better by helping you know the way the visitors react on your site.It is very important that the origin , source,avg time and many other aspects of your web visitors be traced in order to better understand and optimize your traffic and customers.


As a part of dream analytics basic package following is offered.

  • Succesful installation and implementation
  • Reports (Daily , Weekly , Monthly as chosen)
  • Keyword reports
  • Origin of traffic
  • Average time on site for customers
  • No of visits
  • Bounce rate
  • A monthly detailed report of keywords
  • Content overview
  • Goal tracking
  • Traffic Source
  • Country overlay
  • Custom report and comparison.
  • Industry benchmarking
  • Funnel tracking
  • Subscriber tracking
  • Enable Deep Ecommerce Tracking & Analysis
  • Segmentation
  • Micro ecosystems

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