Tips for Web Designers….

Web design tips Your Web site should be well organized — Create an outline before beginning the design process.

Web design tips Every graphic on a web page should be necessary — Each graphic should relate to the text on that page, to the message being communicated, and to the audience.

Web design tips Background color should be easy on the eyes — Some colors hurt the eyes and visitors to your site will leave quickly.

Web design tips Colored text should contrast with the background so that it is readable — Don’t lose sight of the fact that text on a page should be able to be read.

Web design tips Do not center all text on a page — A large amount of centered text is difficult to read.

Web design tips Keep your copy short — People don’t have the time or patience to read large amounts of text from a computer monitor

Web design tips Keep width of text to about five inches — Wide columns of text are difficult to read.

Web design tips If using audio files, or movies, give viewers a choice whether or not to use them.

Web design tips Don’t use blue for regular text color — Blue usually denotes links and can confuse the reader.

Web design tips Don’t underline text for emphasis — Underlined text usually signifies a link.

Web design tips Use motion sparingly! — Motion should only be used when necessary to convey a message!

Web design tips Check readability of text — Cut it and paste it into a Word document. Check for grammar and spelling.

Web design tips Always ask WHY you are putting certain information on the web — Keep information short and sweet. If you want to give your viewers more information, create a pdf file for them to download.

Web design tips Always have contact information on your site — Put your e-mail address, phone if necessary in a prominent location on your site.

Web design tips Use links to other sites that are relevant to yours — You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. There is a lot of information on the web that is relevant and can be helpful to visitors to your site.

Web design tips Include the webmaster’s e-mail address on the contact page — Viewers can report missing links or other problems. Nothing is more frustrating than links that don’t work.

Web design tips Make sure your site is accessible to everyone regardless of the browser they are using — There are no standards-no common denominators for the internet yet. Viewers have different equipment–modems with low baud speeds. Keep this in mind when including graphics and some of the bells and whistles you would like to use.

Web design tips Do not forget that your web site can be viewed by anyone, anywhere — If you are trying to reach a global audience make sure your graphics can be translated and understood internationally.

Web design tips Check out your site on different browsers — Colors will look different on a Mac than a PC.

Web design tips Look at other sites — you can get ideas for your site: good design, good navigation, graphics by looking at other sites.

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